Trail Work 1

There is a web of trails around Shaver Lake with new sites becoming available each year. The Shaver Lake Volunteers have established an Adopt- A-Trail program through which you, your family, organization, or business can adopt a section of trail to maintain for public enjoyment. All trails are established for hiking, biking and horseback riding. With the assistance of the Volunteer Committee, you can choose to construct a new trail or maintain an existing trail in your leisure time. Think of the fun you can have while visiting the outdoors – smell the clean air, listen to the wildlife, and even experience a bald eagle sighting.

The Adopt-A-Trail program promises to provide many years of enjoyment for the community and visitors, and Shaver Lake Volunteers hope you will consider adopting a trail. In recognition of this public service, a sign is posted at the trailhead giving the names of those who maintain it. If you would like more information regarding this wonderful opportunity.

For further information regarding this program, please contact: