Winter Sports

Nordic Skiing 1

At 5,000 feet elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Shaver Lake vicinity offers numerous winter sports opportunities:

  • Cross Country (Nordic) Skiing
  • Snow Play – inner tubing, sliding, etc.
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Winter Fishing in Shaver Lake

You are advised to use proper preparation with any winter sport activity. A complete preparation and safety guide is available, but in brief here are

Some important tips:

  • The weather can change suddenly. Wear proper clothing, using layering to adjust for changes.
  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are strenuous activities. You should be in good physical shape before attempting an extensive outing.
    Avoid getting wet or excessively tired.
  • Carry adequate amounts of water, food, and essential first aid supplies.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • Carry and know how to use a map and compass.
  • Carry a cell phone. There is cell phone reception around most of Shaver Lake, though there are dead spots.
  • In an emergency, call 9-1-1

Other Numbers

  • Camp Edison: 841-3149
  • Sheriff (non-emergency): 1 (800) 522-0086

Cross-Country Skiing
Shaver Lake Volunteers have marked over twelve miles of cross-country ski trails in the vicinity of the lake. Most trails would be classified as beginner to intermediate in difficulty. The trails offer the solitude of the forest environment, lake and mountain views, and occasional wildlife viewing.

Trail maps are available at Camp Edison or at local Sporting Goods stores. Shaver Lake Sports also rent cross-country skis and snowshoes. Volunteers lead occasional guided outings: Information on these trips will be posted on bulletin boards within the Shaver Lake community as well as on this website’s schedule of activities.

Much of the terrain around Shaver Lake is suitable for snowshoeing. As with cross country skiing, this sport allows for unique experiences within the forest and around the lakeside. Snowshoers may use the same trails that are marked for cross-country skiing, but as a courtesy you are encouraged to not walk in tracks made by skiers. The same preparation and safety tips, above, apply to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Snow Play – Inner Tubing, Sliding, etc.
Snow Play is a very popular activity in the Shaver Lake area. There are three Snow Park areas on Highway 168 several miles above Shaver Lake and at Huntington Lake. Snow Parks have paved and plowed parking, and restrooms are available. These parks require that a Snow Park Permit be displayed on the dash of the vehicle in order to use these facilities. Daily or seasonal permits may be purchased at several locations in Shaver Lake. Sporting Goods stores in Shaver also rent sliding equipment such as inner tubes. Other areas are used for Snow Play, but be sure to park safely off the highway and other roads. For safety, do not engage in sliding or other activities on or into a road.

Winter Fishing in Shaver Lake
Shaver Lake is open to fishing all year and there are days when the fishing is excellent. The Sports Section of the Fresno Bee gives a fishing report every Thursday. When the boat ramps are clear of snow and ice, fishing boats may be launched at Camp Edison or at the Sierra Marina. Other marina facilities are closed in the winter. Current weather conditions and the weather forecast should be checked before venturing out on the lake. Dress warmly and be prepared to leave the lake if the conditions change.

“In any outing, litter and debris can mar the quality of the experience. After the snow melts, the litter will still be there. Help others enjoy winter in the forest by carrying out what you take in. Empty containers weigh far less than what they contained. Take a trash bag with you for this purpose. Deposit human waste at least 100 feet from the lake or any watercourse.”